Principles & Practices

The Kentucky Nonprofit Network is proud to bring you the Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Kentucky program. Publicly released February 9, 2011, these principles and practices are based on the fundamental values of quality, responsibility and accountability. Thirteen areas of nonprofit management and the best practices for each provide specific guidelines for individual organizations to evaluate and improve their effectiveness. The Principles & Practices program has three intended purposes:

1. Provide individual organizations striving for excellence with a Kentucky-specific tool for planning and refining operations;

2. Support the growth and quality of the nonprofit sector; and

3. Increase public understanding of the role and contributions of the nonprofit sector.

The Principles & Practices program was developed because stronger, more effective Kentucky nonprofits can provide improved services to clients and constituencies, strengthen Kentucky communities and enhance organizational experience for this and the next generation of nonprofit leaders. These positive changes will result in a more respected and influential nonprofit sector that receives greater support from all stakeholders.

Take advantage of these Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence tools:

  • Click here to download a free copy of the Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Kentucky guide.